Considering to Buy VPS Servers


11 Jan 2016


Reasons Why You Should Buy VPS Servers

If you are looking to buy hosting servers or an affordable yet powerful hosting platform, then virtual private servers, also referred to as VPS, may be a great option for you and your business.

What are VPS servers and why should every company consider to buy VPS servers?

VPS servers offer all of the advantages of both shared hosting and dedicated servers. Yet, while they offer more flexibility and control than shared hosting servers, they are not as expensive as dedicated server solutions.

So how do these systems work? VPS servers operate by separating a single physical server into many divisions. These segments of the server are separated via special software that creates separate and distinct partitions on the physical server. Each division can then operate as if it were its own physical server. Each VPS can be controlled and changed separately, without influencing the other VPS systems working on the same physical server.

VPS servers are a good substitute to dedicated web servers because they are much less expensive than dedicated server solutions, but they still offer much of the same flexibility and control offered by dedicated servers. This gives the user full access and control over their web hosting. Similarly, dedicated hosting solutions are not necessary for every business and for some, it may be too much of a burden to handle.

Some companies operate on limited budgets and don’t have the economic means to pay for expensive web hosting solutions. For companies that are in this situation and are not willing to spend the extra cash on their website, a VPS host is probably the right solution for them. Therefore, it’s worth looking into buying VPS servers and researching what they can offer to you and your business.

Why Should You Buy VPS Servers?

  1. Virtual private server hosting makes it possible for every virtual server to have its own resources.
    You also get to choose what operating system to use and which software to install.
    Once you buy VPS servers, you will have a lot of resources to work with.
    Each individual server has its own disk space, bandwidth and memory. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being affected by the activities of other websites running on the server.
  1. VPS hosting providers also offer maximum web protection and security.
    As compared to shared hosting, these servers are more secure.
    In case a certain website on a virtual server gets hacked, the web owner does not have to worry about the hacker gaining access to other distinct websites on individual virtual servers,
  1. Linux VPS hosting is particularly geared towards businesses’ needs.
    Aside from providing the necessary business features including supreme bandwidth, strong security features and large disk space, it also helps businesses save time and money.
  1. Once you buy VPS servers, there’s no need to lose precious time updating your website hosting system.
    Using VPS hosting ensures that the servers are updated every day and that they get the latest updates they need.
    When the servers are up to date, they become more secure and safer to use.

Other Considerations When Buying VPS Servers

Before purchasing VPS servers for your business, it is crucial that you understand all aspects of VPS servers. There are many factors to consider and even some to avoid.

Do not buy VPS servers that feature 200 MB of RAM or less. This is because the core system itself might consume up to 150 MB. If this is the case, you are left with very little RAM on your system. This will lead to a drop in performance and a less efficient system. You definitely want to have enough space for other applications and software on your server, so it is best if you get a server with at least 256 MB RAM.

However, the size of the server still depends on what your needs are and how big your website is.

It is also of high importance to consider who will be the server’s manager. If you don’t have enough experience, or no experience at all in managing a server, the best thing to do is to hire an expert in web hosting. IT professionals with server knowledge are not hard to come by, but they may be expensive to employ.

If you do not have the budget, remember that you can always count on tutorials and guides on the Internet to provide the necessary pointers about web server administration.


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