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15 Apr 2016


What are the Best Servers to Buy?

There are many factors to consider when you want to buy or rent a server. When you are looking for the best servers to buy today, the top three things you need to consider are accessibility, cost and security. These three factors are undeniably the major benefits of a VPS host since you can manage and control your virtual server using the control panel. However, a great disadvantage of VPS hosting is that they do not allocate the resources appropriately. Hence, we arrive at another type of server, Cloud storage. The next part of this article will discuss the best cloud storage service providers that you can choose to buy.

Best Servers to Buy for Cloud Storage

A Cloud storage service is a term used to describe an online storage service. In this case, it is a group of servers that is hosted by a company or an organization. They securely store all your files on the internet, providing you with an online backup. Here are five of the top service providers, which make Cloud storage one of the best servers to buy:

1. Dropbox
The first on the list is Dropbox. This is not only one of the best cloud storage service providers due to its storage features, but also its accessibility when it comes to operating systems like Linux.
With a free account, you are already provided 2GB storage space for free. You can upgrade it to 1TB at a price of $9.99. You can also add more storage features if you recommend Dropbox to a friend and link your social network to it. It is protected by a two-step authentication and 256 bit encryption with SSL.

2. Google Drive
The second in the list is Google Drive. This is one of the most widely used among the cloud storage service providers because anyone who uses Google services or has an Android phone can immediately sign you up for a Google Drive account. It is available on PC, Mac, IOS and Android platforms. You get 15GB of storage where you can save photos below 2048 by 2048 resolution. If you use Google Music services, you get 50,000 songs for free on the storage. It is only powered by a 128 bit encryption. However, Google has repeatedly stated that it will not pry in any of their user’s information and files unless forced by authorities.

3. OneDrive
Third is OneDrive, which is powered by Microsoft. It is also available on Windows, Mac, IOS and Android platforms. You get 15GB of storage for free. Just like Dropbox, you are able to refer this cloud storage platform to your friends and get 500MB storage per friend. You also get 1TB of storage if you are a Microsoft Office 365 subscriber. It is powered by 256 bit encryption. Under the terms you signed, Microsoft is allowed to be intrusive and will pry into your stuff that is copyrighted.

4. Box
Powered by 256-bit encryption, Box, which is available on Windows, IOS and Android, gives you a 250MB file limit. You are provided with several plans if you choose to have an upgrade. This has a lot of great features that other cloud storage services don’t have, making it very intricate and smooth. But those features are not for free.

5. MediaFire
Last on this list is the Texas-based MediaFire. It is available on Windows, OSX or OS 10, Android and IOS. You are given 2GB of storage on your free account and there is a 200MB upload limit or file size limit. You can get a pro account for $4.99 that comes with a 1TB of storage and a 20GB limit. This is considered as a good investment, making it one of the best servers to buy today. You can increase your storage limit by linking your social network, installing the desktop applications, referring friends and downloading mobile apps. This allows you to increase your account storage up to 50GB.


There are many other cloud storage services that are better than a VPS host because of security, availability or any other personal preferences. But for a start, the cloud storage service providers mentioned here are definitely some of the best servers to buy.


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