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26 Feb 2016


How Cloud Storage Security Works For Small Businesses

In today’s world, cloud storage is becoming evermore important and efficient for individual users, small businesses, and large corporations. Cloud storage and cloud computing solutions allow companies to lease expensive hardware systems in order to serve their computing needs. Storing data in the cloud makes it easier for small businesses to safeguard all of their information. Crucial data like client details, customer data, and proprietary information can all be kept safe using cloud storage. Yet, according to a study, 51% of small businesses are still afraid or unwilling to take advantage of the services offered by a cloud storage provider.

What is holding them back? Why does there exist a sense of fear? One of the strongest concerns is the fear of the unknown and there’s no doubt that this plays a crucial role in people’s reaction to the best cloud storage services. Some small businesses might not be very tech oriented and perhaps in their minds the word “cloud” is something fragile, weak, distant and unsafe. However, with careful research, they quickly realize that this hosting server virtual is a good strategy and offers the best cloud storage security.

Why Should Small Business Owners Entrust Their Data With Cloud Storage Security?

Cloud Storage is Powerful

When talking about data security, people think of hackers, viruses and threats, and often ignore the physical aspects of data security.

Because cloud storage uses a worldwide network of data storage repositories – including ones built by major corporations like Amazon, Google, and Rackspace – cloud storage security is taken very seriously and is managed in the most professional manner. Cloud storage databases are placed in safe buildings, complete with advanced alarm systems, security guards and controlled access points. This safeguards the hardware from any hackers or theft. The cloud servers are also protected from any catastrophe such as fires, flood and electrical surges. These large companies have vast resources to protect the hardware and physical systems that make up their cloud storage services, and because of this, the data stored on their servers is in some of the safest locations on the planet.

In contrast, small business owner that don’t use cloud services will not have this kind of cloud storage security. They might make use of a main server and a backup server, but this will leave their data and files susceptible to physical disasters. Any sort of natural disaster or physical damage to the building where the servers are being held – such as flood, fire, tornadoes, snowstorms, etc. – could pose a threat to the security of the data stored on the system. When it comes down to it, information is only as safe as the room that the server or storage device is quartered in.

Cloud Storage is Smarter

Most small business owners think that they can simply use basic software like Norton Antivirus and their computer system is completely safe and protected from hackers and perpetrators like viruses and phishing scams. If they are very tech savvy, they might consider setting up a firewall. Of course, using antivirus software and firewalls is of great advantage and does provide security, but it is nowhere near as efficient as the advanced tools used in the cloud storage security of service providers. Cloud security professionals use the best tools to guard against potential threats and are well trained in computer security so they know how to defend against even the most dangerous threats posed to the system.

Cloud Storage is More Affordable

Before cloud storage was a viable option, small businesses that amassed personal information or used networked computers in their office or home had to set up their own server systems. This required a significant investment in both hardware and software, as well as the need to employ a group of IT experts and systems administrators to create a security system and keep everything safe and working. In some instances, an offsite backup system was also essential.

Cloud Storage is Easy to Use

Bottom line, cloud storage is much easier to use than on-premise computing systems. Rather than trying to manage hardware setup and maintenance, physical and electronic security, and privacy agreement issues on their own, small business owners can easily move all of these responsibilities to the cloud storage provider of their choice. This allows the business owners to worry about more pressing matters and focus on the main target of their business: generating profit and growing the business.


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